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Yuri Levin






 Smith School of Business

Queen’s Exec. Ed. Scotiabank Startegic Analytics Program (Faculty Lead)
Queen’s Exec. Ed. Loblaw Startegic Analytics Program (Faculty Lead)
Queen’s Exec. Ed. LoyaltyOne Analytics Program (Faculty Lead)
Queen’s Exec. Ed. Strategic Analytics
Queen’s MMA 830: Pricing Analytics
Queen’s MMA 861: Analytical Decision Making
Queen’s MBA 830: Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management
Queen’s MBA 861: Analytical Decision making
Queen’s Ph.D./M.Sc. 860: Deterministic OR Models
Queen’s Ph.D. 963: Optimization Theory
    Queen’s Commerce 163: Business Decision Models




 Rutgers University

Rutgers MBA 575: Data Models
Rutgers MBA 574: Deterministic Optimization Models
  Rutgers MBA 578: Operations Management
  Rutgers MBA 960: Statistical Models
    Rutgers Business 386: Operations Management




  Skolkovo Moscow School of Management

MBA: Operations Management
EMBA: Decision Making
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Student supervision







2014 - present

  Achtari, Guyves (Ph.D. management science, co-supervisor).

2013 - present

  Wang, Jue (Ph.D. management science, co-supervisor).








  Kirshner, Sam “Three Essays in Technology and Revenue Management“ (Ph.D. management science, co-supervisor).


  Yafremau, Anton “Statistical and Optimization Models for Pricing in the Product-Service Systems“ (M.Sc. management science, supervisor).


  Yang, Zeya (Undergraduate Independent Study Project, supervisor).


  Liang, Lulu (Wei) (NSERC Undergrad. Student Research Award (USRA) project, supervisor).


  Vidal, Ricardo (Ph.D. student at Queen's Department of Pathology, CIHR Transdisciplinary Training Program, co-supervisor).


  Wiltshire, Doulton “Dynamic Pricing with Strategic Consumers and Social Learning“ (M.Sc. management science, second reader).


  Sorochuk, Craig “The Newsvendor Problem with Pricing“ (PhD in Management Science, Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, external examiner).


  Lee, Damian “Dynamic Portfolio Management of Exchange Traded Funds“ (M.Sc. management science, supervisor).


  Ferchoff, Lee “Towards a Revenue Management Model of Event Seating“ (M.Sc. management science, second reader).




External Examiner: Saffar, Iman “Problems in Supply Chain Location and Inventory under Uncertainty” (PhD in Operations Management, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto).

 2009  Giles, Nicholas “Price Guarantees in Dynamic Pricing: an Empirical Study” (M.Sc. management science, supervisor).


Kirshner, Sam “Nonlinear Dynamic Approximation for Network Capacity Control” (M.Sc. management science, second reader).

 2008   Laidlow, Tristan “An Adaptive Algorithm for the Optimal Order Quantity in the Non-stationary Newsvendor Problem with Censored Demand” (M.Sc. management science, second reader).

 2007   Gupta, Sundeep “Event Revenue Management: When Ticket Resale is Allowed” (M.Sc. management science, second reader).

Goncharova, Irina “Overview of Operational Risk Modelling Techniques” (M.Sc. management science, second reader).


Mathur, Prashant “A Survey of Credit Risk Model Validation Methodologies” (M.Sc. management science, second reader).


  Jin, Weihong “Dynamic Pricing of Seasonal Products with Demand Learning” (M.Sc. management science, supervisor).


Sung Woo Hong, NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) summer project, supervisor.


Alanis, Ramon “Optimization of Surgical Scheduling in Operating Rooms” (M.Sc. management science, second reader).



External Examiner: Boucher, Natalie “Predicting Data on the Use of Private Vehicles in Canada” (PhD in Economics, Queen’s University).

Balez, Mathieu “Managing Hospital Waiting Lists with Internal Markets: an Operations Research Perspective” (M.Sc. management science, second reader).


Archambault, Michel “Optimizing Manufacturing Planning with Stochastic Machine Availability: A Practical Solution for Bombardier Aerospace” (M.Sc. management science, supervisor).
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